Friday, November 13, 2009

The Season for Giving Thanks

It's that time of year when we give pause and say "Thanks" for the things that mean the most to us. But exactly, who are we thanking? When you get right down to it, shouldn't we thank ourselves too? We always seem to forget that so many things we do, day in and day out, are because of our own hard work. We shouldn't forget that we are pretty great people, and that we control our own destinies most of the time.
So I'll be sure to say "thank you" to my family, to all the beautiful women that keep my mind (and body) moving in the right direction, to the New York Yankees, etc…but I'll also remember myself. I won't forget to thank myself.
Don't you forget either!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baseball Traditions Long Gone

It used to be, when I was much much younger, that the World Series was played entirely in October. It never even came close to Halloween, even if there were rainouts.

November was reserved for the awards announcements. I remember waiting anxiously to hear who had won Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and MVP honors. It was a big deal, because all these awards were announced before Thanksgiving. Then, after that, teams usually concentrated on trying to sign the top free agents, or perhaps making potential blockbuster trades.

Now, that has all changed. The World Series gets played (in part) in November. The season is already long enough, between spring training and 162 regular season games. Then MLB went ahead and added the wild card, expanded each league to three divisions, and added another playoff series.

So when you sit down to watch this year's series between the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees you won't be surprised to be watching games played in 30 or 40 degrees, will you? You won't be shocked to see a few flakes fall from the sky either, right? Maybe you'll be treated to one, or maybe even two rainouts. I say this series can go into mid-November, if these things occur, along with the full seven games.

Then there's the issue of the season awards. Will they be distributed before Thanksgiving, like I've always known? I wonder if the excitement of waiting to see if some of your favorite ballplayers won any individual awards has been diminished. There will be no build-up like before, with only about two weeks to hand out all these awards, instead of a whole month.

I'm all for new traditions, and I understand you have to change with the times, but baseball in November is not something I'll embrace kindly. Call me old, call me grumpy, but call me at about midnight so I can catch the last inning of the game - I'll be sleeping by that time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

KISS - Tomorrow and Tonight

Like the 1977 song says 'We can rock all day, we can roll all night," That's exactly what KISS has in store for its New York audiences. Tonight, they take on the Nassau Coliseum crowd. Tomorrow, Madison Square Garden will shake down to its foundation and I will be there.

The band is in the midst of two celebrations. First, they are commemorating their 35th anniversary of the release of Alive - the ground-breaking live album that officially put the band on the map. Secondly, they have just released an album of all-new material, something they haven't done in 11 years!

The new album, Sonic Boom, is a mixture of sounds for KISS - taking a little from different decades, or more importantly, different line-ups. This is the first for the new line-up (it has actually been together now for five years) - original members Paul Stanley on rhythm guitar and Gene Simmons on bass, Eric Singer on drums, and Tommy Thayer on lead guitar. Paul and Gene steal the show for their writing and vocals, but Eric and Tommy clearly are the heroes for their musicianship. It's a great collaboration all around, and definitely worth getting.

As for the live shows tonight and tomorrow, well, do you really need me to sell them to you? If you've never been to a live show then you haven't really lived. If you actually spent your time and hard-earned money to see concerts in your life, but never bothered to see KISS, then you've never actually been to a concert. You've been somewhere to hear music, but you weren't treated to a show, a performance, an event. Sorry to break the news to you, but you've been had. You have wasted many hours and dollars on an inferior product.

If you want the best - then go see the best - the hottest band in the world - KISS!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Short Story Contest - Please Vote =)

I have enjoyed writing a creepy, yet sexy short story called HE KNOWS YOU ARE ALONE for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. I've entered it in a Halloween short story contest on Literotica. I would love to share it with you to get you in the holiday mood ;-). If you enjoy the story, I would appreciate a 5-star vote to keep me in the running! Thank you so much in advance...and Happy Halloween....

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GOL! on Literotica

Below is a short excerpt from my new short story appearing on called "GOL!" It's a little tale of lust in the women's locker room after a soccer match. You can find the entire story at:

Please, check out all the hot, steamy action & please give "GOL!" a good rating….Thanx!

by TonyWards©
It was long-time dream of mine to be a sports journalist, but for the most part, it's been one big bust. I've had every crappy job for every crappy paper you can think of, and my current status isn't much better than where I started almost ten years ago. Most recently, I took on a job writing for the New York Ledger.

Unfortunately for me, this is not one of the major publications in the city. Rather, it's a free paper you find at the library or perhaps your local supermarket or dentist's office. Being a sportswriter for this paper is not glamorous, but at least I am working in the city on most assignments. That's the way I look at it. I could have more responsibility writing for a larger paper in a smaller city. I'm a New York City guy who would just love to have a career right in the place where I was born and raised.

Now for my assignments. Where do I begin? It's been mostly high school beats like track or basketball. I love sports, but I have absolutely no interest in high school sports. I couldn't say anything to the editor, since I wanted the exposure -- any exposure -- of writing in the big city. I just did what I was told and took on these inane assignments. Once, I had to cover a women's soccer game -- and I really don't like soccer. Well, let me tell you one more thing - I love soccer now. Correction - I'm a big fan of women's soccer now.

A couple of months ago, after being with the Ledger for only a few weeks, my editor gave me what I thought would be the worst of all assignments. I was to cover some international indoor soccer competition being held at Madison Square Garden. I love MSG, and I've been there a million times, but never as a reporter. This part excited me - going to the locker rooms, being where all the great hockey and basketball players have been. Walking the same halls as some of my favorite rock stars sounded cool, too. But soccer? Not my thing, but a job is a job.

I spent the better part of a week covering about a dozen matches. Some were actually exciting, as far as my interest in soccer goes. I got to see many different countries competing, and my job was simply to make all of this sound interesting. I don't know how much of my material was going to get used for the paper, but I was getting paid to cover it for the entire week, so I did my best.

The championship match was between Brazil and China. I sat there with my drink, pad, and pen. I took notes throughout the match, like I did for the previous games. I think the crowd was in favor of the Brazilian women. I know I was, I mean from a guy point of view. The Brazilian women have such a beautiful, sexy skin color to them. Of course, they also have those famous asses, the muscular kind that look like they were sculpted. Now as athletes go, soccer players in Brazil are like rock stars, and they are known by just their first names. The best players from Brazil were Cecilia, Maria, and Graciela.

During the game Cecilia scored the early go-ahead goal for Brazil. The Chinese answered that with a goal of their own, but Cecilia scored again just a few minutes later. In the closing moments of the game, the team from China threatened again, but a spectacular save by Selena, the goalkeeper, preserved Brazil's 2-1 lead. When the referee blew the whistle, signaling the end of the game, the Brazilian team had won the match by the score of 2-1.

I hated to admit it, but I actually enjoyed myself. Unfortunately, I was not there for the fun of the game. I made my way to the locker room, to try to get an interview or two with some of the players. I left my seat and walked through the tunnel, flashing my press credentials whenever necessary. I followed the handful of reporters that were heading my way, and found the Brazilian locker room.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Heat Goes On

Summer is over, but the heat goes on….

THREESOMES: An Anthology is #1 on Ravenous Romance's anthology list. It features my steamy hot story "Web Swingers."

See why it was the hottest selling book of the summer!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NEW RELEASE! Threesomes: An Anthology

The sizzling new book THREESOMES: An Anthology has just been released by Ravenous Romance. Yours Truly has a hot story included...get it today at

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

"End of Summer"

Why is Labor Day weekend the end of summer? I mean, really, my calendar says the last day of summer is September 20. Oh, I get it. Most American workers take their vacations between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Well, since most of us are hard-pressed for money nowadays, and many of us are too poor or too afraid to take vacations, I have better ideas.

"Staycations" have become the new trend over the last couple years. It simply means staying close to home - perhaps a day trip, or maybe a one-nighter. There trips are cheaper, but can still be fun. If you throw a family in the mix, imagine having all the fun without all the headache a long trip can be. Less traveling, more fun - sounds good to me.

My other suggestion is taking long weekends. Most jobs frown upon anyone taken long vacations. Add the fact that most people can't afford to take long vacations, and you get some really upset bosses. That is not a good idea if you're trying to not lose that job. Unless you have a large stash of money under that mattress you should not piss off any employer right about now.

Last tidbit - I can't speak for everyone around the country, but I am from New York. I prefer the weather in late September & October to July & August any day. I am much more into the brisk, cool fall weather - especially in the morning. I'm not a big hazy, hot, and humid person, but if you are, then hurry up - time is ticking away on summer.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and if you're in the New York area, let me know - maybe we can take a nice, brisk walk together one morning….


Monday, August 31, 2009

Life is Good

In baseball, a number of teams are still battling for a playoff spot. There is only one month left in the regular season, so time is short, and shrinking daily. I hope the Yankees will be fine. I think they're almost guaranteed to make the playoffs this year. I hope I didn't just jinx them.

Just around the corner comes football season. I am an Oakland Raiders fan, and the have sucked more the better part of the last decade. Okay, they made it to the Super Bowl once, but wasted everyone's time as they got destroyed. Never mind - I still love football and say welcome back.

When sports getting exciting, I am a happy camper. Life is good that way...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zombie Lovin'

It is possible. I have finally seen the light. A few weeks back I posted that zombie loving was near-impossible to pull off in the literary world. I now retract that statement.

This is because I have succeeded (I think) in doing what I originally thought was the impossible. I created a short story in the world of zombies, and still managed to include a love story. Well, sort of a love story - maybe more of a lust story. The point however, I think was made. Zombies, humans, and love can all co-exist.

Now I just hope the story gets to see the light of day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The New Covey Awards

The New Covey Awards - vote for your favorite book cover art work. Please support the good folks at Ravenous Romance, for all their effort and dedication.

Thank you!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky Couples in Love

There are two websites for you to check out, both feature Lasting Lust. This anthology has two of my stories included, about kinky couples in love.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Gore? Yes, of course.
Erotic? Hmmm, maybe, but that's a bit of a stretch.
Romance? I don't get it!

Where do zombies fall in the literary world? Are they anything more than just the undead, looking for a meal of human flesh? Must we keep on shooting them or bashing them in the head with a baseball bat, or can we co-exist? What does any of this have to do with erotica or romance?

Please let me know what you think about this - I would love to read your feedback.

Thank you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Goodbye to a Storyteller

R.I.P. - Frank McCourt

A great storyteller and an even nicer person.

If you've never read Angela's Ashes then go ahead and read it now! Not only will you learn about Frank McCourt, but you'll see what superb storytelling looks like.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wishing you all a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend! A shout out to all our military members and their families for all their hard work and sacrifice!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If you live in NYC & have the time, stop by Heckscher softball field #1 (Central Park - 63rd St.) on Thursday, June 25 at 7pm. I'll be wearing my #44 jersey - so stop by & say hello. I'll be pitching for my team…

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Hot on

LASTING LUST is on the "What's Hot" list at the homepage of There's something for everyone in this book.

Also, for those of you who wish to contact me on my Facebook account, you can reach me on my new address -

Thank you & have a great day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Subway Series

Whether you're a Yankee fan or a Met fan - this is a good weekend for baseball in New York. Both teams are fighting for first place, both are showing off their new ballparks (actually, the Yankees are the home team this time around) and both are showing off some great new players.

So, if you have the time, sneak in a few innings, or maybe a whole game, and enjoy America's pastime played on the biggest stage in the country.

Mets vs. Yankees - June 12-14

Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring '09 - Swine Flu Central, New York City

Who knew that a few teenaged dickheads, who were innocently (yeah right) enjoying their Spring Break down in Old Mexico would cause such a sensation. Bringing back the ultimate souvenir, they returned to school in Queens, and then history was made. POW!!! New York City - particularly Queens, has become Swine Flu Central. Every person in the borough, I mean EVERY person, has either had symptoms, the full-blown thing, or at least knows someone who has. Yours truly is no exception!

Last Sunday I started getting the body aches, and by Monday the fever. Mind you, before I go any further with this, I did get my "normal" flu shot back in October. So, by Monday night I was feeling like shit - burning up with fever (and not in a good way), body ached, started coughing…you get the picture. I thought I was recovering the next day, but it was all hopeful bullshit. I was actually getting worse. My temperature climbed to 102, I was still coughing, and I felt like I got hit by a truck.

On Wednesday, I went to my doctor. Son of a bitch would not touch me. No way - I had to get my ass to the emergency room. I don't know if it's a malpractice issue, or maybe they just don't want to bother, but some doctors seem to be taking the low road. However, it was no time to bitch and whine - I had to get my sick ass to the hospital. My hospital (not by choice - rather, by pure geography) is Elmhurst.

I don't know how many of you know of Elmhurst Hospital, but it be described as a pit stop. You know, like in auto racing. You get in there, and they work you over at blinding speed, then push you back out there. First, you have to get in. That part takes forever. I waited over four hours before I got to triage. Then, after that, I finally worked my way back to the emergency area. I waited for about a half hour to get a "bed", which is no more than just a gurney. Then the fun began.

A really cute nurse (who may end up in my next story) came over and gave me a combo of pain relievers and fever reducers to swallow. Within a couple hours they were working. Boy, were they working. I was drenched! The sweat dripped off me - I even felt it rolling down my body, which is pretty gross. I stayed this way for a hours. Dripping sweat, uncomfortable in my clothes, sitting up in bed.

About twelve hours after first arriving at the hospital it was over. I was allowed to go home. I was handed several prescriptions, one of them being Tamiflu. This stuff is like gold in these parts. Many seek it out, but so few actually claim it. I was armed with pharmaceutical goodness, and on my way home. I couldn't wait to get there, and take a shower. I survived the swine flu, H1N1, the Mexican Disease, whatever the heck you want to call it. I don't care anymore - tired of talking about it now.

Make love not flu.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I would like to wish everyone a happy & healthy Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2009

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY - 1st Excerpt from Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky Couples In Love

Three die-hard football fans come together to eat, drink, and watch the Super Bowl. Instead, they spend most of their time enjoying the dip...

Read this story to find out what happens when a wife decides that she wants to play in the big game! Available at


Super Bowl Sunday
By Tony Wards

Once again, it was time for my annual Super Bowl party. Every year I invite my best buds Gary, Eric, Jay, and Bob to my house to watch the game, while we eat and drink until we can hardly breathe. Of course, my wife Ann has never been a big fan of this day, since it meant she would hide somewhere in the house, away from the noise. Don't get me wrong now, we weren't the typical guys that made a mess, yelled at the television, and cursed like sailors. Okay, well maybe sometimes, depending on how good the game was. Ann wasn't a prisoner or anything like that. Out of her love for me and the guys, she would make quite the spread for us.
It varied from year to year, but Ann was great at throwing parties. The Super Bowl was just one more reason for her to show off her culinary skills. I couldn't wait to see what she had planned for this year's occasion. It was just a couple days away from the big game and I was getting psyched. That is, until I started receiving some bad news.

First it was Gary that called. Gary finally got married this year. He was 33 years old and found the woman of his dreams. I only met her a few times, but knew she was a knockout. I didn't know what she did to make my old pal so happy, but I could imagine. "Hey, Tony. I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be making it to your house for the game this year."
"What? You've been coming for the last ten years. What's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong. It's just that Nancy says we're going to her parents' house for dinner."
Gary's new bride was calling the shots now. And the leash was rather tight and rather short as well. Oh well, I guess marriage suits different people different ways. We were one short, but that would soon change.

Eric called the next day. Eric had been married for ten years, the same as me. He and Lisa were a great couple and spent lots of time with Ann and me. However, since Lisa found out she was pregnant a few months ago, things had started to change. I understand having a baby is a huge thing in a couple's life, but it just seemed to change so suddenly. "Listen, Tony. Lisa has been pretty sick lately, so I think I'm going to stay home. Keep the peace, you know?"
"Is she sick or is she just bitching you out for coming here?"
"Well, you have to understand something. Pregnant women have these hormones that go in a million different directions at once. Lisa is just having a tough time."

Sounds like Eric was the one having a tough time. Poor bastard. I hope things get better for him soon. Now I was down to just two friends and it was the day before the game.
I told Ann what was going on with guys, just in case it would affect her meal plan for the game. She was a cool customer, so I had no worries she would make things special for us. I also told Jay and Bob and they seemed upset, but not surprised. Especially Bob, who at forty was the oldest of our group. He prided himself on keeping in good shape to attract the ladies, so he got his fair share of fun without the commitment. Jay was different. He fell in love with every girl he took to bed. Good thing his sex life wasn’t that great, otherwise he’d be in more trouble than he could handle.
The next day was game day. I was excited and pumped, like I usually get when anticipating the big game. I was full of testosterone, like so many men across our great nation. I must have smacked Ann's ass a million times, but she never once got mad. She was a good sport.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lasting Lust on AllRomanceEbooks

LASTING LUST:Kinky Couples in Love by Ryan Field is now on sale at All Romance E-Books. This anthology features two stories written by me, so please, check it out today! Also included is

the full story of SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, as it appears in the anthology. If you like that story, my second story, LA PETITE MORT, is even hotter.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ravenous Romance - Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky Couples in Love

Ravenous Romance - Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky Couples in Love

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Lasting Lust: Kinky Couples in Love
Edited by Ryan Field
Published by Ravenous Romance

I am proud to say that I am the only author to have two stories in this new anthology - “Super Bowl Sunday” and “La Petite Mort”. I am very honored to have even been included in the anthology at all, let alone have the opening and closing stories. As of today, Lasting Lust is #3 on the Top 5 Bestsellers in the Modern Love category. Thank you, dear readers!

Please go to and order your copy today. They have excellent rates for all their books and short stories - it is definitely worth your time!

Tony Wards............

Born in 1963 in East Harlem, I grew up faster than most. Even at a young age, I appreciated good writing, as I memorized most of The Beatles’ lyrics. I was then introduced to the maniacal and dark worlds of acid rock and heavy metal, where I followed artists like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. This was all before my 10th birthday!

During my formative tween/early teen years, I fell in love with Elton John, Alice Cooper, then eventually….KISS. My life changed forever, as I now took an interest in writing my own creations, and not just listening.

At about the age of 11 or 12 I started writing song lyrics. Some of them were okay, while most were pretty horrible. In my high school years, I got into poetry and realized that there were many similarities between my juvenile song lyrics and the works of the masters. I soon wrote poems, as well as lyrics, which by this time were getting better.

When I reached my 20s I started getting serious about being published. My only taste of seeing my name “in lights” was having one of my poems published in a girlfriend’s high school literary magazine. Now I was sending my work out to reputable places, but only managed to get one writing credit.

Soon after being discouraged about trying to gain popularity through poetry, I went back to my first love - music. I formed a hard rock/heavy metal band in 1986 named Black Miracle. We were going to take the world by storm, but couldn’t overcome our biggest obstacle - we sucked. Musically, we couldn’t play worth a damn, although our drummer was good. Our song selection was good too - that’s because all the songs were written by me. There were catchy hooks, clever choruses, and the people who heard the songs actually liked them. However, we couldn’t get past the fact that we were very limited on musical ability, so we called it quits in 1988.

I turned back to writing poetry. Only this time, I added short stories to my repertoire. They weren’t great, but I enjoyed writing short stories. Soon enough, though, poetry would resurface as my “go-to” style.

In 1993, my future wife and I created Sophomore Jinx. SJ was a “small press” poetry magazine. In it, we featured writers who were both popular and never-before published. It was successful in terms of that and we loved doing it together. We both published our own work, as well as articles that we had written pertaining to the magazine and the writing life. Everyone was reading and enjoying our poetry and articles right alongside the contributors. This, though, was not meant to last long. After a couple of years we realized that we were doing an awful lot of work, but losing money. We regretfully closed the doors on SJ, but not our writing lives.

I went about ten years or so where I didn’t do much writing at all. My wife, however, freelances as a writer, copyeditor, proofreader, editor, manuscript evaluator etc... Finally, she enjoyed a brief stint working for Ravenous Romance. After telling me what they were all about, I became interested in writing again. I would take two of my favorite things in the world - sex and writing - and combine them. What a great concept!

So, here I am, sharing the best of my world with you through pages of love, romance, sex, and lust. I hope you enjoy a slice of my life as much as I love serving it up to you.

Tony Wards
April 2009