Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here!!! This is a great time to be a kid or a kid at heart. So go out & have fun – dress up, go trick or treating, or have a party. Whatever you do, just have fun!!!
Here’s a little story about a couple that gets dressed up & has fun – oh yeah. It’s all about fun & entertainment….enjoy!!!
Web Swingers
By Tony Wards

            I'm not going to lie -- I absolutely love Halloween. Ever since I was a little kid, I remember getting excited about dressing up in a cool costume and going door to door, trying to get as much candy as possible. Even now, the thought of dressing up and going out still seems exciting. Of course now it is for entirely different reasons.
            I'm thirty years old and my wife, Beth, is twenty-nine, but we still go out to costume parties every year. In the past, we've gone to events hosted by online friend groups, relatives, and co-workers. This year, however, we were invited to a party by someone I hardly knew. I recently joined one of those fantasy football groups on the internet and became friends with a guy named George. He lived in New York City, not far from us. We spoke online a few times, but we weren't really friends, so this made my wife uncomfortable. I can't say I blame her for how she felt, but I figured what harm could come from a party invite?
            George sent me all the information I needed for the party. It turns out it was some club in the Village. Beth was skeptical about the online stranger aspect but trusted me enough to go along with the idea.
            I decided to go dressed as my favorite web-slinging superhero, while Beth would be his red-headed girlfriend. We went to our favorite costume store in the Times Square area to buy the costumes we needed. My wife looked so damn hot; I wanted to jump on her as soon as she came out of the dressing room. She had on the long red wig, which was a new look by itself. Beth has long brown hair, so the red wig really threw me for a loop. She wore a tight, black, one-piece spandex cat suit.  She was supposed to be the girlfriend, but looked like she could be a comic book heroine herself. I wasn't complaining and for two reasons. First, Beth liked the outfit. Secondly, she looked damn hot in it.
            Beth has 38 C-cup breasts, which are still doing a pretty good job at defying gravity. I can see the difference from ten years ago, when we first met, but I have to say they're looking pretty nice. She has narrow hips and a small ass. I keep telling her that we should have children to help fill her out. I'm sure that day will come, but for now she says she's not ready.
            The day before the party I e-mailed George to tell him about our costumes. He asked about a million times and even after I gave him the info, he kept confirming. It’s not like I was going to change my mind. We had our costumes and that was that. He never did tell me what he was going to dress up as, since he said he would look out for us.
            On the night of the party Beth and I took the subway down to the Village in our costumes. We live in upper Manhattan, but figured we would blend right in with all the other nuts that came out on Halloween.   We arrived at the club, aptly named Sohomosexuals, probably after the neighborhood, I thought to myself. Beth seemed nervous and I didn't blame her, since I felt the same way. We entered and immediately a hostess, dressed in a Cat Woman costume, handed us each a condom, then guided us to a big room. The room looked like an open dance floor, with the music pumping. There was a bar located in the center, but something was different. I surveyed the area, and realized what it was that struck me as odd. There were no walls, per se. Rather, the perimeter was lined with doors. I couldn't tell if the doors were just decorative or actually functional, since nobody was approaching them. Also, if they were real doors, then I wondered, what was behind them? Beth and I stood beside the bar in this great big room, as I stared at these mysterious doors, all of them with different signs on them. Finally, curiosity got the best of me.
            "What is this place?" I asked Beth.
            "I don't know. I was just going to ask you. It kind of looks like a swingers club."
            "You think? What are we suppose to do? I mean, we've never done anything like this before." I looked at Beth and hoped she would agree to stay. On the other hand, the thought of another man fucking my wife made my blood boil.
            "Why else would they hand us a condom on the way in? Ever think of that? And what is behind those doors? Huh? Probably rooms to fuck yourself silly in."
            I laughed at how excited Beth was getting. "You're too funny. I’ll tell you what, let's go around and check out the signs on the doors. That's what is getting me curious."
            Beth and I held hands, mostly because we didn't want to get separated in the crowd that was accumulating in the room. We started in one corner and read the signs on the doors - Batman and Cat Woman. The next sign read Batman and Robin. Interesting. Another one said Superman and Lois Lane. My favorite read Archie and Edith. I had to laugh at that one. Josie & the Pussycats was the label on another door. The next one was meant for us. I was sure of it. It had our character names written clearly on the sign that covered the door. I checked the next couple doors, but no, this must be for us.
            "This is the place, Beth," I said.
            "Are we going in there?" she asked.
            "I suppose we should. Let's take a look first." I hesitantly opened the door just a crack. I peeked through the crevice to see a dark, almost empty room. The dimensions were probably about ten by ten, tops. There was a single uncovered red light bulb burning dimly from the ceiling. Against the far wall was a twin-sized bed and nothing else. That was the whole room, so I guess Beth was right. These rooms were here for sex play.
            "So, is the coast clear web-head?"
            "Yep. Let's go inside," I ordered.
            We went inside the room and sat on the edge of the bed. "Are we going to stay and fuck for a while?" asked Beth, catching me completely off-guard.
            "Yeah? You want to? Cool!"
            "Might as well. We're here. It might be kind of hot to have sex knowing all these people are outside the room, maybe listening…"
            "Or maybe they'll walk in on us," I stated.
            "I'm pretty sure people are following the rules," Beth rebutted. "I think it'll be fun. Besides, it could just be a quickie and then we'll get out of here."
            "Okay. Sounds like a plan. Do you want me to go get us a drink?"
            "I'm okay, Pete. Go get your drink and when you come back I promise to be a Peter eater."
            "Oooh, baby. I like the sound of that. I'll be right back."
            I weaved through the expanding crowd until I got to the bar. I bought a couple shots of Jack Daniels before heading back to the room. I usually don't drink, but this place made me a little nervous, so I wanted to take the edge off. I breathed a huge sigh and entered the room again, feeling like all eyes were upon me.
            "Holy shit!" I entered the room to find Beth with her legs spread a mile apart with some dude dressed in the same costume as me, eating out her pussy like a wild cannibal. The room was dark, but I could see Beth's eyes open in surprise when I entered the room. She looked at me, and then looked at her costumed lover, then back at me.
            "Yes, Beth. I'm the guy not eating your pussy. Who are you?" We both looked at him, and waited for an answer.
            "It's me. Your favorite web-slinger," said the stranger, obviously using a fake super hero voice. The voice was artificially deepened, making me think this wasn't a guy at all.
            I walked up to wife's mystery lover and, in one swift move, pulled open his pants with one hand and reached down to his crotch with the other. Just as I thought. My culprit didn't move, actually seemed to like the attention.
            "Guess what, Beth? Your mystery pussy eater is a woman. Here, see for yourself."
            Beth got up off the bed, naked, with her pussy trickling her delectable love juices slowly down her inner thighs. I held the fake web-slinger's pants open and my wife dipped her hand in. She fumbled around our mystery woman's pussy, until a finger was inserted into her wet vagina. "Mmmm. Looks like you've been enjoying yourself. Why don't you tell us your name and then get out of these clothes."
            "Georgette. My name is Georgette. I know your husband."
            "Is this true?" Beth asked.
            "I don't know you. I never….oh….OH! I get it now. You're George, aren't you? Why didn't you tell me before?"
            "I go by George so the guys in the fantasy league won't get all bunged up after finding out they're losing to a woman."
            "I understand," said Beth. "Guess what? This, now, is not fantasy. This is real."
            Beth planted a huge, wet kiss on George's mouth, even though she still was wearing her mask. I lifted her legs, one at a time, to take off her boots. I made a mental note that they were much cooler than the ones I had bought. I slowly pulled off her tight, spandex pants, while Beth pulled off her mask. She was actually kind of pretty, I thought. I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. George had short, curly blonde hair, green eyes, and pale skin. As for her body, after I took her pants off I made a full inspection.
            First of all, I was immediately turned on by the fact that she wore no underwear. She probably figured the pants were so tight, how could she? She had a neatly trimmed blonde pussy and nice wide hips. She was average build, which to me means that you couldn't bounce quarters off her stomach, but you could definitely hold onto her tight while fucking her from behind or while munching on her pussy.
            Beth removed George's top to reveal her small, firm breasts. I'd say they were probably B-cups with long, hard nipples which I absolutely love. I was ready to feast on my fantasy friend, but it seems that Beth was quicker than me. Beth sucked long and hard on each nipple, treating them like miniature cocks. Her lips slid up and down slowly over each hardened nipple, giving both equal attention. Then Beth painted George's areola with her soft, pink tongue.
            "Mmm," purred George. "That is so hot. My pussy is drooling. I need this mess cleaned up quickly."
            I volunteered for "mop up" duty in a heartbeat. I stripped down to my birthday suit, dropped to my knees, and started licking all the nectar escaping from George's pussy. Her lips were glistening, even in the dim light of the room, and a constant flow poured out of her into my waiting mouth. Beth continued to suck off George's nipples, as I took two fingers and placed them up into my wife. I held George around her hips with one hand, forcing her wetness onto my face. With my other hand, I reached up into my wife's love nest, and rubbed her G-spot. Before I knew it, both women were panting and moaning, while their leg muscles slowly gave way.
            "Come on, Pete. Lay me across this bed and fuck me now. Hurry, I want you," ordered my wife. I pulled my fingers out of her sopping wet pussy and helped her onto the bed. She lay there, on her back, with her legs opened waiting for me.
            "What about me?" George sounded upset, since I had to stop licking her soaked snatch in order to accommodate Beth. “I want some too, unless you guys aren't into that."
            "Hey, don't worry. There's plenty to go around. Right, Beth?"
            "Lay down on top of me," suggested Beth. "That way I can play with you while my husband fucks you."
            George loved that idea and so did I. I remembered the condom I was given on the way in and I wasted no time slipping it on. I wasn't used to using them, since I only have sex with my wife, but the timing was perfect. Meanwhile, George lowered herself on top of Beth and my wife quickly went to work.
            Beth reached around and played with George's nipples with one hand, while she spread her pussy lips with the other. She rubbed George's swollen clit with two fingers. I was about ready to explode from watching the show. Instead, I put my hard cock into George, as she reached back with both arms and grabbed Beth's face. She turned her head to kiss and lick my wife's face, as I pumped her pussy harder and harder.
            "Oh, fuck me. Fuck me," George cried out, as she continued kissing Beth passionately.
            "Come on, Pete. Fuck her good." My wife cheered me on and I rocked my hips faster than before. "Take that thing off and come inside my pussy."
            I gave George a few more thrusts, but I knew my time was short. I couldn't hold out any longer. The reality of having two women was too much for me and my will power. After my last entry into George's drenched hole I pulled my cock out, quickly removed my condom, and inserted myself into my wife. Beth was open and ready for me, grabbing me with her muscles. George was having an orgasm of her own, under the constant care of Beth's busy fingers.
            "Oh, I'm gonna come, baby. Oh!" I flooded my wife's pussy instantly with every drop I possessed. My balls emptied in long spurts, wave after wave transferred inside Beth. She moaned in excitement, but I knew she wasn't totally fulfilled. I wasn't the only one who noticed either.
            "Oooh, baby. That was hot," said George. "Let me take care of you now, Beth." George rolled off my wife and dove right into her well-used pussy. George licked Beth's clit, while my full load slowly trickled out of my wife's hole. It ran down to her ass, with some of it dripping onto the bed.
            "Oh, George. Yes! Eat my pussy. Make me come, baby. Eat it. Eat it!" Beth began to buck like a wild horse, as George lapped up Beth’s lovely cream pie. She had the best of both worlds in her mouth. My wife's pussy, along with both of our offerings, was being consumed by a near stranger. What a lucky lady, I thought.
            Beth came harder than I had seen in a long time. She yelled so loud that I thought someone would run into our room to see what the matter was. She threw her head back, howled like a wolf at the moon, and let her body go limp. We all collapsed for a few moments before getting dressed.
            "So, George. I have to know. Why did you wear the male costume to this party?" I had to ask -- I was curious.
            "Simple answer? I'm a lesbian. Okay, maybe after tonight, I'm bi. Really, I don't usually do guys, but because you were with Beth and both of you seemed so nice I figured okay. Besides, you guys are about as horny as I am." That made all three of us chuckle.
            "Glad you had a good time. I know I did," added Beth.
            Soon after, we parted ways, but promised to get together again someday. The next day, I made a new friend while playing my fantasy football. He was also from New York and his name was Pat. I wonder if that was really Patrick, or maybe Patricia?