Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baseball Traditions Long Gone

It used to be, when I was much much younger, that the World Series was played entirely in October. It never even came close to Halloween, even if there were rainouts.

November was reserved for the awards announcements. I remember waiting anxiously to hear who had won Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and MVP honors. It was a big deal, because all these awards were announced before Thanksgiving. Then, after that, teams usually concentrated on trying to sign the top free agents, or perhaps making potential blockbuster trades.

Now, that has all changed. The World Series gets played (in part) in November. The season is already long enough, between spring training and 162 regular season games. Then MLB went ahead and added the wild card, expanded each league to three divisions, and added another playoff series.

So when you sit down to watch this year's series between the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees you won't be surprised to be watching games played in 30 or 40 degrees, will you? You won't be shocked to see a few flakes fall from the sky either, right? Maybe you'll be treated to one, or maybe even two rainouts. I say this series can go into mid-November, if these things occur, along with the full seven games.

Then there's the issue of the season awards. Will they be distributed before Thanksgiving, like I've always known? I wonder if the excitement of waiting to see if some of your favorite ballplayers won any individual awards has been diminished. There will be no build-up like before, with only about two weeks to hand out all these awards, instead of a whole month.

I'm all for new traditions, and I understand you have to change with the times, but baseball in November is not something I'll embrace kindly. Call me old, call me grumpy, but call me at about midnight so I can catch the last inning of the game - I'll be sleeping by that time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

KISS - Tomorrow and Tonight

Like the 1977 song says 'We can rock all day, we can roll all night," That's exactly what KISS has in store for its New York audiences. Tonight, they take on the Nassau Coliseum crowd. Tomorrow, Madison Square Garden will shake down to its foundation and I will be there.

The band is in the midst of two celebrations. First, they are commemorating their 35th anniversary of the release of Alive - the ground-breaking live album that officially put the band on the map. Secondly, they have just released an album of all-new material, something they haven't done in 11 years!

The new album, Sonic Boom, is a mixture of sounds for KISS - taking a little from different decades, or more importantly, different line-ups. This is the first for the new line-up (it has actually been together now for five years) - original members Paul Stanley on rhythm guitar and Gene Simmons on bass, Eric Singer on drums, and Tommy Thayer on lead guitar. Paul and Gene steal the show for their writing and vocals, but Eric and Tommy clearly are the heroes for their musicianship. It's a great collaboration all around, and definitely worth getting.

As for the live shows tonight and tomorrow, well, do you really need me to sell them to you? If you've never been to a live show then you haven't really lived. If you actually spent your time and hard-earned money to see concerts in your life, but never bothered to see KISS, then you've never actually been to a concert. You've been somewhere to hear music, but you weren't treated to a show, a performance, an event. Sorry to break the news to you, but you've been had. You have wasted many hours and dollars on an inferior product.

If you want the best - then go see the best - the hottest band in the world - KISS!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Short Story Contest - Please Vote =)

I have enjoyed writing a creepy, yet sexy short story called HE KNOWS YOU ARE ALONE for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. I've entered it in a Halloween short story contest on Literotica. I would love to share it with you to get you in the holiday mood ;-). If you enjoy the story, I would appreciate a 5-star vote to keep me in the running! Thank you so much in advance...and Happy Halloween....