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Return of the Blog (and FREE short story)

Unlike the classic monster (The Blob) that helped a young Steve McQueen reach fame, I am not a large mass of jelly looking to attack and kill its prey. I am, however, looking to find as many victims, I mean fellow Erotica lovers, or anyone in the mood to read a sexy short story.
        Below, I have posted a FREE…yes FREE short story for you to enjoy. In the future, if you’re nice, I’ll post more. Also, you’ll find links to some stories that I have had published. No, those are not free, but I promise they won’t leave you flat broke either.
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Five years ago John's father remarried. In the process, John inherited a stepsister named Lily. He was brought up an only child and some would say he was spoiled. He was very used to having things his way, so Lily quickly became the victim of his wrath.
On many occasions John would rat out his stepsister for the simplest thing or something she had not even done just to see her get into trouble with her mother and stepfather. There were even times when John took it upon himself to discipline Lily.
Sixteen-year-old John enjoyed spanking his thirteen-year-old stepsister. Lily wasn't thrilled with her punishment at that time, nor was she crazy about her stepbrother, but the cycle continued for years. Today, John was twenty-one and Lily was a fresh eighteen, but some old habits still died hard.
"Don't forget, I'm in charge while we're alone. Our parents will be gone for a month and left me to look after you," announced John, with his chest puffed forward with authority.
"You're not the boss of me. I'm eighteen years old now," declared Lily defiantly.
"Bullshit!" John exclaimed plainly. "I'm older and I'm in charge, so deal with it. You’re under my roof now."
Lily wasn't happy with the arrangement, and knew it would be better to just keep her distance for the next month. However, John was a real instigator, and she knew he would find a way to stir the pot and exert his power over her.
Over the years Lily used to get spanked by John. She hated it at first, but over time got used to her stepbrother's discipline. He had a firm hand, and John would slap her ass hard. Sometimes he would even pull down her panties and spank her bare bottom, leaving Lily red and blotchy.
There were times when she would complain to her mother, but soon realized that her complaints were not important. Her mother was in a new relationship with her stepfather, and she didn't want to jeopardize what she had. Instead, Lily found herself on her own, and the victim of John's abuse.
However, as the years went by, Lily found the spanking to be rather exciting, even sexual. She actually looked forward to her older stepbrother's visits to her bedroom late at night. Many times John's firm hand made her pussy wet, and she knew that he was probably getting horny himself. She even spotted a boner or two at the time. Left alone in her bed after the spankings, Lily’s hands played with her young, wet pussy and budding breasts. She often brought herself to orgasm thinking of John’s firm discipline. 
Now that she was eighteen, Lily was a highly sexually charged young woman. She had grown into a beautiful woman, at five feet five and one hundred ten pounds. She had long brown hair that hung down to her shapely ass. Lily had beautiful, pert 34C breasts, which were topped off by carnation pink nipples.
As for John, he was now a twenty-one-year-old hunk. He stood at six feet even and weighed two hundred pounds. He was big and solid, with muscles coming from all directions. Lily took notice all the time, licking her lips wondering when the two of them would ever be alone. With their parents gone for a month, now was her time, if only he wouldn't be such an asshole with his authority trip. Then again, maybe a few spankings would be nice. 
The first couple of days came and went without too much stress, as the two of them went about their own lives. They hardly even saw each other, and that was just fine with Lily. She was busy and had no time for John, especially if he was going to be on one of his ego trips.
By the third day John was back to his old ways. He was going through one of his power struggle episodes, bitching and moaning about something stupid again. Lily laughed him off, as he barged into her bedroom.
"Why are the towels in the bathroom wet? How am I supposed to take a shower if they're all wet?" shouted John, standing in the doorway.
"Sorry. Can't you just get a different towel?" asked Lily, not seeing what the fuss was all about.
"Yes I can, but why should I?" returned John. "Why couldn't you be a little more responsible?"
"Sheesh! Calm down. It's only a towel. It's not the end of the..."
"Don't tell me to calm down, young lady. You better remember who's in charge around here!" scolded John, turning red from yelling.
"Young lady? Who are you, my mother? You're not my parent, so you better..."
"I am in charge here, and you're being a baby," accused John. "Do what you're supposed to do and there won't be any problems.
"You need to relax," said Lily, approaching her stepbrother.
"You need to do what you're told, or else," returned John.
"Or else what?" asked Lily, already knowing the answer.
"You'll get a spanking you won't soon forget," charged John, smirking at his stepsister.
"Bring it on, John. Do your best," challenged Lily, feeling her pulse quicken.
"Oh really?" asked John, shocked by his stepsister. "You asked for it. I'll be right back!"
John stormed out of Lily's bedroom and entered his own room, slamming the door behind him. She had no idea what he was up to, but she had a plan of her own. Lily quickly moved her plan into motion, having waited for this moment for years. She would make this something John would never forget, as Lily would attempt to foil him.
About ten minutes later John opened the door to his room. He walked out and made his way to Lily's bedroom. He found the door closed, but that didn't stop him. He opened the door and walked inside, but his mouth dropped open.
He found his stepsister sitting on the edge of the bed, seemingly waiting for his arrival. That wasn't the worst of it though, as John soon realized. Lily was dressed in a short, plaid skirt, looking like a schoolgirl. She wore her hair in pigtails, and even had on knee socks. Lily played the whole innocent little schoolgirl thing to a tee, and it confused John at first.
He tried to not let it rattle him, as he walked around her bed. He circled Lily like a shark getting ready to go in for the kill. Lily just sat on the edge of the bed, not allowing his presence to rattle her.
"Are you ready?" asked John, giving his best stern, father-type voice.
"Ready for what?" replied Lily, playing dumb for her stupid stepbrother, just to piss him off.
"You know what," said John, glaring at her. "I'm here to discipline you."
John sat down on the edge of the bed beside Lily, and shot her a cold, hard look. She had seen this before, several times actually. Over the last five years he had donned the role of father-figure, even when it wasn't warranted. Most definitely, even when it wasn't wanted by Lily. She had a mother, thank you very much. She didn't need to be scolded or punished by her stepbrother. However, neither one of their parents nipped this problem in the bud, so it continued. John had only gotten more dominant over the years.
Now Lily was faced once again with the wrath of her stepbrother, and they were all alone in the house. She wondered if this meant anything to him, or if it was just business as usual. For her it did mean something, and she was about to turn the tables on him, or so she thought.
"Come bend over my lap. Now!" John demanded.
Lily got up from the bed. She looked deep into her stepbrother's eyes, but remained expressionless. Lily bent her body in half, as she lay across John's lap. He looked down and saw her plaid skirt before him and lifted it up slowly, the better to inflict pain upon his younger stepsister.
"What? What is this?" asked John, obviously shocked by what he saw before him.
Lily began to laugh, since she could no longer hold it in. "What’s the matter, big brother? Never saw an ass before?"
"You little slut!" charged John. "Just for that you'll get it twice as hard."
"Promises, promises," replied Lily. “This is what you've wanted, anyway. Just admit it."
Without warning, John's heavy hand came down on Lily's soft skin. With a mighty whack, her ass already showed signs of her stepbrother's fingers. Another slap, this time on the other butt cheek, left an impression of his whole hand.
"Ouch!" cried Lily. "That hurt, asshole! Is this making you hard? I bet it is. I bet you like the way my ass shakes when you smack it, don't you?"
"Fuck! You like hitting naughty little girls, don't you, John? What's wrong? Your girlfriends don't let you discipline them, so you come back home and take it out on me?"
"Is my ass getting nice and red? Is that making you hard? Are you going to cum in your pants, or will you go jack off after you're done spanking me?"
"Go ahead, hurt me. Hurt my ass. It makes me so fucking horny. Now I can go fuck some guy and tell you all about it. Like that, John? Want me to tell you all about how I fuck other guys?"
"Stop it, bitch!" shouted John, wishing his stepsister would be quiet.
"Why? Is it true, John? I bet you have a fucking hard-on. I bet seeing my red naked ass is arousing you. Let me see your cock."
Lily wriggled free from John’s lap, just as he was about to spank her ass again. She got up and looked at her stepbrother's crotch. John was pitching a mighty tent in his jeans, and Lily began to laugh hysterically.
"See? What did I tell you?" said Lily, smiling at her stepbrother.
"Fuck you!" shouted John.
"Okay, then. Go ahead, big boy," challenged Lily, as she snuck a peek at her reddened ass in the bedroom mirror.
"I swear, if I take out my cock then you're going to have to suck it," warned John, standing up from the edge of the bed.
"I know you want me to anyway, so just go ahead. Let's see that thing of yours," said Lily, lifting up her skirt to show her stepbrother her wet pussy.
"I'm warning you. I'm not kidding now!" said John, grabbing his zipper.
"Go ahead, John. Stop teasing me. You see how wet I am?" asked Lily, spreading her young pussy lips for him. “Do you see what your spanking, your discipline does to me? It makes me so hot. Don’t tease me anymore.”
John finally took off his pants, revealing his strong boner. It was a good seven or eight inches long, and pretty thick as well. Lily licked her lips as she had never seen a finer cock in her young life.
"Now suck it, Lily. I'll tell you when to stop," ordered John.
Without saying another word, Lily sat on the edge of the bed and reached for her stepbrother's dripping cock. She pulled him closer by his rigid prick, stuffing it into her wet mouth. John let out a loud groan as he felt Lily's hot mouth wrap around his bulbous head for the first time.
He had waited so many years to finally get this chance, and here it was. Lily had always turned him on, but he never acted on it as he didn’t know how she felt about him. Instead, he had spent many nights jerking off, thinking about his stepsister. Now that their parents were gone for a month, John could finally have his sister the way he always wanted to have her. And he was thrilled that she was on the same dirty page. 
Lily sucked down her stepbrother's cock nice and slow. She had only sucked one cock before, and it was not this big and thick. While she was no virgin, Lily knew that her brother was the one she always wanted. Sure, he could act like an asshole at times, but he was a stud muffin that she wanted to suck and fuck. She was thrilled her time had finally arrived.
"Oh damn!" declared John. "You keep doing that and I may blow my load too fast."
Lily didn't care how fast John came or how long he could last. She was horny and knew they had all month to suck and fuck without worrying about their parents. She kept gulping down her stepbrother's sizable cock, while starting to play with his heavy ball sack.
"Oh fuck! You're going to make me cum soon," announced John, rocking his hips back and forth.
He pumped his stepsister's mouth faster and faster with his prick, while he felt his orgasm slowly building up. Lily used her lips to strangle his cock, creating a suction he could no longer resist, as she scraped his balls with her nails.
"Oh fuck! I'm going to..."
John let out a loud moan, as his cock started to twitch inside her mouth. He unloaded stream after stream of his thick cum inside his stepsister’s waiting mouth. Lily tried to eagerly swallow it all down, but there was so much. John's cock continued to spurt like an out of control fire hose, and Lily’s small mouth and throat could not handle it all.
She allowed some of his essence to escape her lips, dripping out of the corners. It traveled down to her tits which were covered by her button-down schoolgirl blouse. John looked down and saw her shirt covered with his cum, as well as her chin.
"Damn! That was hot," declared John, as his cock finally stopped firing away.
As his cock shrunk back to normal size, Lily allowed it to fall out of her mouth. She licked up all his cum that her tongue could reach before getting up from the bed. She walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up, leaving her stepbrother standing there with his limp, dripping prick.
Lily quickly jumped in the shower, washing her brother's cum off her face, neck and tits, what little dripped down under her blouse. The water stung as it hit her raw ass. Her skin was bright red, and it hurt badly. John had really whaled on her this time, she thought, that fucking asshole.
Lily threw her clothes in the laundry and changed into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt that was hanging over the bathroom door. Of course, there was no underwear involved. After all, she was home. Also, Lily had hoped that their little sexcapade would change the relationship between her and John.
No such luck. John was waiting for her in her bedroom. He stood there completely naked, and his cock was fully erect already. Lily's eyes bulged as she couldn't take her eyes off his gorgeous specimen, which seemed even bigger than before.
"Reloaded already?" asked Lily, smiling at her stepbrother.
"I need to spank you again," said John, looking very serious.
"Not now, dude!" shrieked Lily. "My ass burns."
"I didn't say I was spanking your ass," said John, matter-of-factly.
"I see. Okay then…"
Lily stood in front of her stepbrother and slowly peeled off her shorts and shirt. She faced  John, completely nude, and allowed him to soak in her beauty. John's cock twitched, which brought a smile to Lily's face.
"Someone's happy to see me," she said slyly, feeling very sensual.
"Bend over and grab the end of the bed," commanded John, as he stroked his long, thick member.
Lily did as she was told, as she bent forward, resting her hands on the edge of the bed. John came over and kicked her legs, spreading them farther apart. Her lovely crack split open, revealing her tight pink ass, as well as her succulent, moist pussy lips.
"Like what you see, John?" asked Lily, feeling like such a slut for her stepbrother.
John didn't respond. Instead, he took his throbbing tool in his hand and started to spank his stepsister's crack with it. He waved it up and down, smacking her pussy and ass with his dripping cock. The wet slapping noise and the hot feel of his flesh on her ass turned Lily on. 
"Oh! I like that!" said Lily, feeling her nipples rubbing on the bed as she bent over even farther for her horny stepbrother.
John kept slapping away, even taking turns on her raw butt cheeks. Each time his cock came down on her, Lily could feel it getting a little wetter than before. That made her even hornier, as she could feel the moisture pooling inside her aching cunt.
"Mmm...why don't you teach me a lesson and fuck me really hard with that big cock of yours?" suggested Lily.
John ignored his stepsister as he was running this show. He continued to slap his cock on to her soaked pussy lips and ass. Like before, he was attracted to the redness of her ass globes, smacking those as well. John continued this for several more minutes before finally taking a break.
"Tired? Need a break?" teased Lily, as she continued to palm the bed.
John answered her by slamming his stiff cock into her pussy for the first time. It slid in easily, as Lily's pleasure hole was good and wet. She let out a gasp, as John's cock filled her completely.
"Oh fuck!" shouted Lily, feeling her stepbrother's cock inside her saturated snatch.
John said nothing to her, but rather, began fucking her hard. He grabbed her narrow hips for leverage and began hammering away at her young vagina. Lily felt his helmet poke her uterus, and the sensation sent her through the roof.
"Oh fuck! Yes!" yelled out Lily, as she felt her first orgasm building up from deep within. She felt herself clenching around his thick cock in rhythm with his thrusts. The friction was intensely arousing. 
She reached down between her legs with one hand while balancing herself with the other. Her fingers found her hardened clit, as she began rubbing her stiff nub. Lily worked herself faster and faster, while her stepbrother fucked her harder and harder. The two sensations were beginning to overcome her.
"Oh fuck! I'm cumming," announced Lily, as her leg muscles grew weaker.
She came so hard that she collapsed on the bed, half hanging off. John's cock was still stuffed inside her pussy. He hoisted her up, but her limbs were growing tired, and Lily could not keep her balance.
"Oh shit! That was intense. Give me a minute," begged Lily, as she tried to get back up on her aching knees.
John's hand came down hard on her ass, which was already aching from her earlier spanking. Lily flinched, not expecting John to hit her again, like before. She got up on her knees at the edge of the bed, but her muscles needed some rest. They had been bent for a while, and she was weakened by her intense orgasm.
"Fuck! Give me a second here," pleaded Lily.
John delivered another blow, this time on her other ass cheek. Lily cried out in pain, as the tears began to flow from her eyes. She was really in pain, between her legs aching and her ass burning. The flesh seemed to sting now, and Lily was hurting.
“FUCK!" cried out Lily, as John slapped both butt cheeks with his heavy hand.
He grabbed her by her hips roughly and once again started pumping his fuck stick into her hot box. The penetration made her feel better, in a soothing sort of way. Lily loved getting fucked by her stepbrother, even if his spanking brought her excruciating pain. It was the best of both worlds, like fire and ice.
"Oh yes! Fuck me!" moaned Lily, feeling the traction inside her burning hole.
John shagged his stepsister faster and harder than before. Since he had already cum earlier, Lily knew he was good to last a long time. At least, that's what she had figured and hoped for. John's cock felt so good inside her, it made her forget momentarily that her body had ached in many different places.
"Oh yes! Yes!" shouted Lily, as her young body continued to be invaded by her stepbrother's hot cock.
John took his hands off her hips and grabbed her ass cheeks. Lily was afraid more spanking was going to ensue, but instead John spread her ass cheeks wide open. He didn't hit her, but he did touch some of the sensitive areas. That still hurt, but she knew it wasn't as bad as being slapped again.
With Lily's ass cheeks spread wide open, John decided to have some more ass play. This time, instead of spanking, he used a finger to probe her tightest hole. John's index finger plugged into Lily's tight asshole, and it made her wriggle around.
"Oh shit!" cried out Lily, feeling her stepbrother's finger invade her tight, tiny ass. She didn’t know how she liked this just yet. 
John jabbed at her puckered gap with great force, giving her an invigorating finger fuck. Lily cried out in pain at first, but soon got used to the digital invasion. She started liking it more and more, as her ass loosened up. Her tightened ring became so loose that John gave her second finger to gyrate upon. 
"Fuck yes!" yelled out Lily, feeling her stepbrother's cock sliding in and out of her young pussy and his two fingers up her tight ass.
John carried on like this for several minutes until he felt his orgasm slowly build up from his heavy balls. He had been fucking his stepsister for a while, even amazing himself that he could hold out this long.
"Oh shit, I'm cumming again," Lily announced, as her stepbrother reached around with his free hand to fondle her perky tits.
He pinched and pulled her nipples, making her explode with another orgasm. She never realized how incredibly sensitive her tits were until her stepbrother started to play with them. She made a mental note for the next time she had sex, or perhaps found herself masturbating all alone.
"Oh yes! Fuck!" Lily wailed, feeling the sensation ripping through her body.
John kept playing with her firm knobs, while he fucked both of the holes in front of him. His cock and fingers dug deep inside his young stepsister's body, bringing her unbelievable pleasure. He knew, however, that it would soon come to an end, as he could feel his orgasm build up from below.
"Keep going, John! Faster...faster," cheered Lily, loving every minute of her stepbrother's fucking.
John gave her a few more powerful pumps with both his fingers and cock, before reaching the end. He pulled his soaked member out of her well-worn snatch and started to ejaculate. He shot his load all over his stepsister's sensitive ass.
"Ow! Fuck!" Lily shouted, feeling his salty substance burn her soft flesh.
He shot round after round of his spunk onto her young ass, before giving her a spanking with his cock for good measure. The wetness of his cock, also the puddles on her ass, brought her both great pain and pleasure.
"Fuck! Damn! That was hot!" Lily exclaimed, feeling her stepbrother's sticky sauce on her ass.
"Damn! That was good!" agreed John, breathing heavily.
The two of them collapsed on the bed, side by side. They were both panting, trying to catch their breath. They remained that way for a few minutes before Lily got up to go to the bathroom. John needed a few more minutes, as he remained on the cumsoaked sheets.
Lily returned a few minutes later to find her stepbrother still lying there on her bed. She playfully crawled over to him and licked the remaining drops of cum that had stuck to his cockhead. She could see his cock twitch, before it began to grow again.
"Damn! That cock is always ready for action, huh?" asked Lily, amazed by her stepbrother's cock.
"I guess so. Maybe I just can't get enough of you," John said, smiling up at her.
Lily began licking her stepbrother's balls, as his cock grew once again. He had to be empty, she thought, and was amazed that he regained his hard boner so quickly. Lily continued to lick his balls, slowly moving up to the base of his cock.
Lily clamped her teeth down on John's cock, just as she felt the pain shoot through her body. He had spanked her again, but she swore this would be the last time, at least until her ass felt better.
"Fuck! Why are you biting me?" asked John, feeling her teeth around his cock.
"No more spanking, not until I say so anyway," declared Lily. "Your spanking days are over, dude! We can fuck and suck until we shrivel up, but you better not spank me again. Ever!"
"Seriously?" asked John, looking like he was going to cry.
"At least until I say it's okay," explained Lily. "That shit hurts, man. My ass feels raw, and I bet it looks like that too."
"Sorry,” John apologized, making sure his hands were now nowhere near his stepsister's ass.
"Sorry to bite you,” returned Lily, as she went back to sucking his cock.
He lay on the bed, looking down at his stepsister. He watched as she went to work on his full length. Lily's soft lips engulfed his thick shaft, sliding slowly up and down. John's girth filled his stepsister's mouth perfectly, as she noshed on his sweet sausage.
"Oh damn, you are good!" complimented John.
Without warning, and with his prick still in her mouth, Lily swung a leg over him. She mounted herself on top of John, maneuvering into a sixty-nine position. Once there, she continued sucking down his cock.
John looked up and for the first time noticed the damage he had inflicted on his stepsister's ass. It was red and blotchy, with some areas looking nastier than others. He started to feel badly for her, and for all the times he had struck her violently.
He began licking Lily's pussy, sucking on her fat lips. He moved his tongue up to her wet hole, lapping up the juices that trickled out. John finally slid down until he reached Lily's clit. It was nice and hard, like a tiny erect penis. He was amazed she said such a large clit, easily the biggest he had ever seen in person or in a sex tape.
Lily's sounds of pleasure were muffled as she continued to suck down John's cock. Her mouth got wetter as he licked and sucked on her sensitive clit. Her pussy became wetter too, as her juices flowed down to John's face, coating him well.
They both licked and sucked on each other, while moans and groans of ecstasy filled the bedroom. It was the first time either of them ever engaged in a sixty-nine, and they were both having the time of their lives.
After a few minutes of intense oral gratification, they both started to wriggle and shake on the bed. Their bodies convulsed, as both Lily and John were nearing orgasm. John kept licking Lily's sweet pussy, as she sucked on her stepbrother's manhood harder and faster.
They were both about to erupt in pleasure, as their muffled noises became louder. Lily's pussy went off first, exploding in John's face. He licked her clit as fast as he could, with his tongue moving a mile a minute. Lily's pussy juice came rushing down, soaking her stepbrother's face. He could hardly breathe, as her cum poured into his nose and mouth.
That pushed him over the edge as well, as his balls could no longer hold his impending orgasms. His hot lava shot up through his cock and filled his stepsister's cheeks. Lily swallowed hard and fast, trying to get all of his sticky goodness. She was getting to be a great cocksucker, as she managed to get all his tasty seed down her throat this.
Spent, they both collapsed on the bed again. They were breathing heavily, trying to catch their breath. For the first time, Lily rolled over to give her stepbrother a kiss. They kissed passionately, tasting each other on their lips.
"I think I'm going to like Mom and Dad being away for the next month," said Lily, with a smile.
"Me too," agreed John.
Whether it was pleasure or pain, they both knew that their relationship would never be the same. However, they did come to an understanding that John was not superior to Lily, even though she didn't mind some spanking every now and then. In the future, the spanking was done sexually, and within limits.
They enjoyed their sex life, with lots of kinky stuff they both enjoyed. They also took advantage every time their parents were away. Lily and John became friends and lovers, and would remain like that for a long time to come.