Monday, September 30, 2013

Back To School

The new school year is back in full swing. Whether it’s the small ones in grade school or the bigger ones in college, we all know someone who is in school right now. Perhaps they’re even your own children. No matter the situation, school is now in session!
Here’s a little story about a teacher – hope you like it…..
Hot For Teacher
        Most of the time it sucks being a teacher. Crappy income and lots of work that doesn't go away at the end of the school day are two valid reasons not to pursue this line of work. However, there are a few perks. My favorite one is parent-teacher night. Sure, I know plenty of teachers who absolutely dread spending hours talking to parents about why their child can't grasp basic math, can't read, or is a pain in the ass trouble-maker. But I put up with that for only one reason - women.
       I'm forty-one years old and have been a teacher for about fifteen years now. I taught the first grade for ten years and had the luck of fucking about a dozen young MILFs. Their ages usually ranged from twenty-five to thirty-five. Then, as I got older, I realized that I wanted to move on to slightly older women. So that's when I became a fifth grade teacher. Now the mothers range in age from about thirty-five to forty-five. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule.
        I remember once -- during my stint as a first grade teacher -- when a woman of about fifty came in to meet with me. She looked pretty damn good for her age, so I asked for her number. She invited me over to her place, of course when I was supposed to be at work. It was a brilliant plan and I ended up fucking her all morning long, right up until school was dismissed. It wasn't until the next day that I found out that she was the child's grandmother, not mother. Guess that made her a GILF.
        I was counting on this year's parent-teacher meetings to produce some good, fuckable women.  Last year proved to be slim pickings -- only the third time in fifteen years that has happened. A hard-working, lifelong bachelor like me needs incentive to come to work. This was my night. This is why I remained a teacher.
        After I said goodnight to Lisa Coleman and her parents, Donald and Trudy, I looked at my schedule to see that I had only one more appointment scheduled for the night. It was Johnny Johnson's parents, whoever might show up. This had proved to be another disaster of a year. I couldn’t believe it was going to be back-to-back years of no mothers to conquer. I dragged my feet to poke my head outside the classroom, where hopefully my last appointment would be waiting.
        Walking towards me was a beautiful, tall brunette. She appeared to be six feet tall with legs that went on forever. This was mostly because she was wearing a short skirt. Not a mini skirt, but somewhere between a mini and a regular length. I'm no fashion expert, but I liked what I saw. She wore a blazer and looked very professional. I still couldn't take my eyes off the long hair, or the legs, or the…
        "Barry? Barry Howard? It's me, Leslie. Leslie Turner. Well, now it’s Johnson. I'm Johnny's mother."
        Leslie? Oh man, I haven't seen her in forever, at least since our college days. She was just as beautiful, or even more so, as when I had seen her last. "Leslie. Nice to see you again. Come in. Have a seat."
        Leslie walked in and made herself comfortable, sitting in the empty chair I set up beside my desk. As she walked by me, I smelled her hair and it brought back memories of yesteryear. "So, how have you been? It's been a while."
        "You know, Johnny said that his teacher this year was Mr. Howard, but of course I had no idea it was you. So, how is he doing?"
        I found it a little weird that she wanted to get right down to business. Maybe she didn't care for small talk or reminiscing with me. Maybe going down memory lane wasn't her idea of fun, so I figured I'd better just be professional. "Johnny is great. One of the best in class. No complaints at all, except one math test that he didn't do so great on. He's been getting B's most of the way, but last month we had a test and he only got a D. Not his best work, but I wrote it off as a fluke."
        "I apologize for that, you see…"
        "Oh, please, Leslie. No need for that. Johnny is great."
        "Thank you, Barry, but I still feel I need to explain. You see, Johnny's father and I got divorced last year. Since then, we've been fighting back and forth with custody rights and alimony. It's been hard on Johnny, but he's really doing his best."
        "I'm sorry, Leslie. I had no idea." But, I was smiling in my mind. She wasn't married anymore.
        "We're adjusting. Life goes on, you know?"
        "Looks like you're doing just fine. You look terrific, better than ever."
        "I see you still have that old college charm, Barry. It worked twenty years ago…"
        "I know, but now I'm just a school teacher in his forties and you appear to be some hot-shot business type that probably makes five times as much as I do.”
        "Don't sell yourself short. I have a pretty good memory. Just because we parted ways after school doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of you. We went to two different schools after college, but not two different planets."
        "Well, thank you for being kind, Leslie."
        "You’re welcome, although it's just not me being kind. You're a hard guy to forget. You're the kind of guy whose name a girl could accidentally scream out while having sex with someone else."
        What? Was that a confession? "Are you trying to tell me…?"
        Attention all parents and teachers. It is five minutes to eight. Please finish all meetings as soon as possible so our custodian can finish cleaning the classrooms for tomorrow's day of school. Thank you and good night.
        "Sounds like they’re throwing us out, huh," I said.
        "I guess that's my cue to go, Barry. It's been great speaking with you."
        "Same here," I confessed. "Hope we get another chance really soon." I had to get that out there. I don't know if that was a turn-off to her or not, but I just had to say it. It was the truth. Leslie had been a knock-out in college and twenty years later she was hotter than ever.
        I stood up and extended my arm, being polite. I always shook hands with the parents when they left. Leslie got up and took my hand but she leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. “I’m so glad I came tonight, Barry. I can’t wait to come again.”
        That night I had trouble falling asleep. I watched some awful movie on television trying to get Leslie’s image and words out of my mind. She was drop-dead beautiful and we had a relationship in our last year of college. It was great, but that was twenty years ago. Now she walks back into my life, this time as a school parent, but she's not the ordinary MILF. This wouldn't be a conquest like the ones in the past. She was different. She represented the longest relationship I've ever had with a woman. Sure, we were young, but we still loved each other – I could feel it. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it wasn't love. Maybe it was lust.
        I pictured her naked body in mind. She had long hair that draped over her shoulders, resting gently on her full C-cups. My eyes pan down over her flat stomach and travel to her brown patch of pubic hair. I can see her pink lips peeking out from the wisps of hair and she is wet. Her ample hips lead down to her long, shapely legs. I look at her, waiting for her part those delicious thighs so I can taste her love. She smiles at me, letting me know that she is ready. I tell her I love her, and want…
        "Shit!" I came all over myself – that hasn’t happened in years. Good thing I sleep naked. I rolled over and went to sleep. I'll take a shower tomorrow morning.
        Seeing Johnny the next morning in class was a little weird. It was Friday, so I hoped the day would pass quickly and give me a chance to not to deal with this situation for a couple of days. I almost felt like I had to be extra nice to him, or else he'll go back and tell his mother on me. Now that would be awkward. How would I handle that situation? I decided to carry on as normal as possible. When the day was over, Johnny started out of the room, but then suddenly stopped himself.
        "Mr. Howard? I have something for you from my mom. Sorry I forgot to give it to you earlier."
        He handed me an envelope. "Thank you, Johnny. Have a good weekend."
        I opened the envelope. Inside was a letter from Leslie which read:
        My Dear Barry, We have so much catching up to do, but I just wanted to be clear about a few things first. After college we parted ways, but I never stopped thinking of you or caring for you. After some time I started dating again, but I was always really busy with either school or work. I became an ad agent, which makes a good living, and that's where I met my husband Harold, Johnny's father. He was a nice guy at first, so I got suckered in, I guess you could say. It didn't last long and within four years we separated. He had been part of Johnny's life inconsistently and that's why I decided enough was enough. Last month the divorce was finalized, and as luck would have it, you're back in my life again. I don't know if you're seeing anyone or even if you're married, but just say the word, and I'll stop bothering you. Otherwise, I would like to see you again. Leslie
        It was late Saturday morning. I didn't want to seem too eager, but I read Leslie's note about a thousand times, and each time I read it I wanted her more. I couldn't worry about the past, just needed to focus on the future. I was a bachelor, a self-proclaimed life-long bachelor, and hunting down women for sex was my way of life. I used my job, as well as bars, the internet, the laundromat, and just about anywhere else. But maybe it was time to settle down. Maybe it was time to reconnect with the only real love I've had in my life. I know one thing for sure and that was I was getting as nervous as a schoolboy thinking about calling Leslie. I wanted to, heck, I had to, if I wanted to see her again. My palms were wet and my heart raced as I picked up the phone and dialed.
        "Hello," Leslie said in her perkiest voice.
        "It's Barry. How are you?"
        "I was beginning to think I scared you off."
        "No way! Not at all. Just needed time to think," I explained sincerely.
        "I understand, Barry. So, did I scare you away?"
        "I called, didn't I? I mean, I want to see you."
        "Now," I replied, followed by nervous laughter.
        "Wow. That's a good sign. I’ll tell you what -- Johnny is going out in about an hour, want to come over?"
        "Bet on it."
        Leslie gave me her address, even though I already knew it from my teacher files. It was the same way I knew her phone number, but I'm sure she realized that. I showered, dressed, and headed over to her house. I didn’t know if she’d want to sit and talk, perhaps to clear the air about her past and our past. Maybe it would be more like the future plans on how we would fit into each other's lives. We weren't college kids anymore. We were adults now, even though my heart still fluttered like it did twenty years ago.
        I arrived an hour later and was impressed by her home. It was a two-story, brickface, and looked expensive. I could only imagine what the inside looked like. Pretty good for just two residents. I rang the bell and waited for Leslie.
        The door opened, but no one was standing there. Okay, that was creepy. Was she hiding behind the door? "Hello?"
        "Enter, Silly," replied Leslie, who was standing behind the door.
        "Okay. What's wrong?" I asked.
        "You tell me." Leslie pushed the door shut. She stood there naked. She was even more beautiful than I had remembered. "I know it's a bit presumptuous of me to do this, but just in case you don't feel the same way about us that I do, I wanted to at least have one moment to remember you by."
        "What?" I was truly baffled. "What are you talking about?"
        "Just in case you don't want the same things I want, I'll always have memories of the good times we shared."
        "So, you want to sit down and talk about this?" I asked.
        "No way. I'm standing here naked, Barry. Right now I want to fuck you raw."
        My cock immediately strained in my pants, which were now being taken off by Leslie. She kissed me full and deep and she was certainly a woman on a mission. She had always been the aggressive type, especially during sex. That's one of the many things I loved about her.
        After Leslie got my clothes off, she grabbed me by my cock and led me to the stairs. I imagined we were going to her bedroom, if we could hold off that long. With her in front of me, I had a perfect view of her shapely ass and full pussy lips. I couldn't stand it, so halfway up the stairs I grabbed her around her ample hips and shoved my face between her globes. She accommodated me by bending over and allowed me to lick the full length of her glorious crack. I lick and sucked everything in front of me and Leslie was one wet MILF. I lay across the stairs so she could straddle my face, which she happily obliged. Holding onto the banister, Leslie dipped her wetness into my mouth. She seemed to be dipping a tea bag into a hot cup of water, gently squatting over my face for me to suck the juices out of her. Believe me, twenty years later, she was flowing like never before.
        Leslie repositioned herself so now she squatted over my rock-hard cock. She held onto the banister for leverage and bounced on my fuck pole. She worked up a steady beat, as I grabbed hold of her hips and helped her feel me harder and stronger. I felt Leslie's pussy salivate over my manhood and knew she must be close to an orgasm.
        "Oh, Barry. Take me upstairs. Fuck me on my bed."
        I continued to impale her but I could tell her legs were giving out, so I finally slowed to a stop. Leslie climbed off me, sat down on the stairs, and gasped for air. I stood in front of her with my cock standing at attention just inches from her face. Leslie leaned over and opened her mouth, slowly taking the full length of my love into her orifice. She closed her warm lips around me and I felt like I would blow at that moment. It felt so hot, so good to have Leslie's mouth on me once again. I thought I’d spend many nights alone dreaming of this and how I wish I could have this experience again.
        "Oh, Leslie. I’ve missed you so much." I didn't know how she would react to hearing that at this precise moment, but I spoke from the heart. I don't know if it was love or just lust, but I felt like a new man, reborn even, for having found her again. "How do you like the taste of your own pussy?"
        Leslie responded with a muffled moan. I knew she like the sound of that, but she still pulled her head back to withdraw my cock from her mouth.
        "Please take me to my bed and fuck me, Barry. I want you inside me. Hard."
        I bent down and scooped Leslie into my arms. I carried her to her room, crossed the threshold, and laid her gently down on the bed. I lay beside her, looking into her eyes, gently stroking her full pussy lips. "So, Leslie. What can I do for you?"  I asked.
        Leslie giggled. "Move in with me. I mean, with me and Johnny. I know it'll be weird at first, but please say you'll think about it."
        "Have you talked to Johnny about this yet?"
        "Not yet, but I've been thinking about this since I saw you again," confessed Leslie. "I know what I want, Barry, and it's you. I don’t want to let you slip through my fingers again. I can't change the past, but I know what I want in my future. Yes, it'll be rough or weird even, but I'm sure we'll be able to handle it."
        "I agree, Leslie. I just don't want you to wake up one day and decide that you hate me. That maybe you made a mistake and resent me for it. Plus, Johnny is growing up. He'll end up bigger than me and probably kick my ass some day." I couldn't help it, I had to laugh at my own stupid attempt at a joke.
        Leslie smiled. "Listen, you. Keep playing with my pussy while I tell you this. Ready? Keep stroking it. That's it. Don't forget to rub my clit now. Good boy. Barry, I love you."
        "Oooh, baby. I love you, too." I leaned forward and kissed Leslie. Her mouth parted, as we searched each other with our tongues.
        "Mmm, Barry. You're going to make me come. Please. Please go inside me. I want to feel you inside me."
        I stopped rubbing Leslie's clit and climbed on top of her. She pulled her knees up towards her chest and waited for me to enter her. I took my throbbing tool in my hand and guided it into her hot pink cavern. She was so wet. I just let myself absorb her juice, her heat.
        "Come on, Barry. Give it to me. Please. I want to come with you inside me."
        I started rocking my hips, pumping myself deep into her waiting pussy. I slowly picked up the pace, as Leslie's breathing became labored. She panted and begged for me to do her harder and I was only so happy to please my lover. She started to reach her orgasm, as I began to feel my own churning from my balls. I got tighter and tighter, as Leslie tightened up her vagina muscles, clinging to my cock. She screamed in orgasm and I was all but done.
        "Ohhh. Leslie, I'm going to shoot off. Where do you want it, baby?"
        "Come in me, baby. Go ahead, let me feel it. Fill me up, baby."
        That's precisely what I did. Sometimes you feel as though you're coming and sometimes you feel like you're having an orgasm. This, this was an orgasm. This was me being with the woman I loved more than I have loved anyone before or since. This was me trying my best to please her, to make her understand how much I loved her. I shot about a million shots of my love juice into her. It felt like it was going on for hours and when I was done I had to admire my own work. I saw that her beautiful pussy could not contain it all, not this time anyway. Maybe it had been that long, too long.
        Now that we were together there would many more days like today. Of that, I was sure, and I couldn't wait to see what the future held for us.