Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer of Love

Hot summer days & nights are upon us, and many of us are escaping by taking a vacation..or two! Next week will be my turn to pack my bags & escape for a few days, leaving behind the daily grind of my normal existence. Before I do there are a couple of things I want to mention….

First, I hope all of you get a chance to get away & enjoy your summer. No matter what you do don’t forget to have fun.

Also, I’m attaching a little story about a married couple that takes a vacation. Maybe you know them – maybe not. Either way, enjoy the story & I’ll see you again really soon.

La Petite Mort
By Tony Wards

            For this year's anniversary, our eleventh, I wanted to do something different. Since Kim and I got married, we have been raising children. Our first son arrived just ten months into our marriage. Our second son arrived four years later. Finally, Kim gave birth to our beautiful little girl six months ago.
        It was the summer and our anniversary was here. I thought it would be nice to get away for once. Since we've always had a small child in the house we've felt guilty about taking a trip, just the two of us. This year I wanted to get away. I don't think we'll be having any more children, but before we wait too long I wanted us to enjoy ourselves…alone!
        I decided to speak privately to Kim's younger sister, Hannah. She was behind my problem all the way. She had a bit of a crush on me so I took full advantage and poured on the charm. A few extra touches along her shoulders and some added strokes of her long blonde hair made her turn to putty. I could have commanded a blow job from her at that moment - and yes, I thought of it - and she would have complied. For now, however, babysitting was what I was after.
        Since we live in the Northeast, Kim and I decided to go to the Poconos in Pennsylvania as a quick getaway. They had some beautiful weekend resorts there, just the thing we needed for some peace and quiet. Relaxation is what Kim had in mind, although I was thinking more along the lines of loud, uninterrupted sex. With three children in the house, our sex life had become something of an obstacle course. It was always fun, but there were certainly some unexpected pitfalls in the process.
        Before we left to go on our weekend excursion, Kim took out her breast pump and went to town. She milked her 38D jugs for all they were worth. She seemed to go on forever, filling up four large bottles with her mommy milk. When she was done, she placed them in the refrigerator and explained to Hannah when and how to give them to our daughter. There was enough milk for an entire weekend, since our daughter was learning to eat solid foods. Just the thought of Kim's tits offering up that much milk six months after giving birth made me pretty excited. I think Hannah noticed how excited I was.
        "Looks like you're ready for the weekend, hey Greg?" I looked at her, and she gave me a devilish little grin. Damn, how I wanted to take her right there. Punish her young, twenty-year-old body with my thirty-two-year-old hard-on, stretching out every tight hole she owned. Hannah turned attention to her sister. "Okay, Kim, go! We'll be fine here. Go and enjoy yourself. Get some rest. That is, if Mister Horny Hubby lets you."
        "And how would you know about something like that?" asked Kim.
        Hannah looked at me sheepishly, then back to her sister. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's the three kids. Just kidding."
        Good save! I'll deal with her later. For now, I'm out of here. Kim and I went to the children's rooms and kissed them goodbye. They would be fine, I'm sure, but still. We've never been away from them for more than a night, so two nights seemed like an eternity. We said our goodbyes to the children and to Hannah, and we were on our way.
        We arrived at our chalet in just over a couple hours time. It was a beautiful two-story house, complete with a Jacuzzi, fireplace, four post canopy bed, and a catwalk. The catwalk was on the second floor, looking down over the bed. It was something I had never seen before, but thought it had incredible potential. We quickly unpacked and decided to relax in our chalet until dinner time. I wanted to try out that Jacuzzi, so I immediately stripped and hopped right in.
        Kim wanted to get in too, but was reluctant to join me. "How long are you staying in there? I want a turn."
        "Come on in, the water's fine," I said. Kim just stood there, beautiful and naked, with her hands on her hips. "Why don't you sit down on the edge and soak your legs? I promise I'll be out in a minute."
        Of course, I was lying. Instead, I was plotting my next move. Eleven years of marriage and three children had changed nothing in me when it came to sex. I was still scheming to get any from my own wife, like when we were just dating. Kim sat on the edge of the sunken Jacuzzi and let her legs fall into the water. She let out a soft sigh, as the soothing jets worked on her tired muscles. I eased on over to where she sat and slowly rubbed her thighs. Kim gave no resistance, so I continued.
        I gently parted her legs and began to slowly kiss her soft mound of pubic hair. My kisses began getting wetter, as I slipped my tongue into her softness. Her pussy lips protruded from beneath her hair and they slowly parted for me to see. I sucked on her pussy lips, sliding my tongue over her swollen clit. Kim had an unusually tiny clit, which was extremely sensitive. Not much effort was needed to guide her to orgasm, but I still enjoyed licking it fast and licking it slow. Either way, she wouldn't last too long.
        Kim was no longer in the sitting position. She was now lying back on the marble floor surrounding the Jacuzzi, with her legs draped over my shoulders. My face was where it had been thousands of times before, right between her creamy thighs, with my mouth working over her pussy like it was my last meal on Earth. "Oh. Oh yes!" Kim was louder than usual. Must have been the fact that we were alone in a big house, over a hundred miles from home.
        I slurped, and licked, and chewed, and swallowed. Kim was really enjoying herself now. "You're gonna make me pass out, if you keep doing that. Oh yes!" Just saying it out loud made Kim explode. Her thick pussy juices began to run out of her and into my waiting mouth. Some dripped down along my chin, but I was trying to drink her all up. As fast as she came, she just as quickly recovered. Kim's breathing was becoming normal -- maybe a bit too normal.
            I climbed out of the Jacuzzi to see if she was okay and what I found was my wife sleeping. This had happened before, but it was years since I had last seen it. The French call it la petite mort or "the little death". Kim has always had intense orgasms, strong enough to knock her out on occasion. However, I think this one was a “letting go of stress and just relaxing” orgasm. The weekend had just begun, and I had hoped there would be others.
            Kim woke up from her nap about an hour later. I was channel surfing naked on the bed. "Hello, sleepyhead," I said to my wife.
        "Wow. Was I asleep long?"
        "About an hour. You must have been tired. Either that, or stressed out, which is why we're here."
        "Or maybe," continued Kim. "I was just so horny. Maybe I've been wrapped up too tight and just needed to let it all go."
        "Well that you did. I mean, you came hard and fast."
        "Is that bad?" asked Kim.
        "Are you crazy? I like watching you erupt. Doesn't matter if it takes a while or if it takes two minutes."
        "Good, because I feel really relaxed now. That means I am going to take a really long time before you can make me have another orgasm." With that Kim leaned over the bed and gave my softened cock a wet kiss. She took it lovingly into her mouth and began to make out with it. That didn't last long, however, because it grew to its full size in a matter of seconds.
        "This sounds like a challenge," I declared.
        "It could be whatever you want it to be, but you better get ready for a long, fun time. Think you can handle that?"
        "Wow. That nap did wonders, I see. Woke up all horny, huh? Okay, Kim. I'll meet your challenge. Let's switch positions and I'll get to work on you right away."
        I had Kim lay down flat on her stomach, as I slowly caressed her with kisses. My fingernails scratched down her back and on the return trip to her shoulders I used the heels of my hands to rub her gently. While doing this, I slowly worked my mouth down to her round ass. I've always loved her ass. I sometimes tease Kim by saying that I married her just because she had a great ass. I was the ultimate ass-kissing husband.
        My lips and tongue worked around, over, and into her juicy ass for what seemed to be hours. I lost myself in my wife's beautiful curves, textures, and smells. Everything was going well and Kim seemed to be enjoying herself. When I turned her over, I discovered how much she liked the attention. A long stream -- and I mean a long, thick stream -- of pussy juice oozed out of Kim when I turned her over. I've seen plenty of sex cream make its way out of my wife's delicious pussy over the years, but I've never seen so much without even having touched her in that spot. After eleven years of marriage, and countless hours of sex, I was still learning something new. It was just another reason why I loved my wife so much.
        Our afternoon delight lasted over an hour, ending with me clutching Kim's ample hips from behind, shooting all my love deep inside her. I collapsed on the bed, only to hear Kim's startling discovery.
        "That was good, Greg, but my tits hurt."
        "What's wrong?" I asked.
        "I just realized that ever since I filled the bottles this morning I haven't nursed. Look! My tits are starting to leak. Look how full they are."
        I looked and I liked. The pain in my crotch was unbearable. My balls were completely empty, after having unloaded their contents inside my wife. Now I was staring at her beautiful D cup breasts, watching a trickle of milk escaping from both nipples. I touched her lightly and Kim gave a sigh. I touched her again and this time Kim moaned. "You're still pretty horny, aren't you?"
        "Mmm. I know I probably have just had about a dozen orgasms, but when you touch my full tits I get horny all over again."
        "Maybe I should help you out with that." I popped a nipple into my mouth. It didn't take much to get her milk flowing. I had hardly put any effort into my sucking before I felt the steady stream squirting into the back of my throat. I rubbed her swollen clit as I continued sucking. Kim moaned louder and louder, enjoying her milking…and her fingering.
        She leaned over closer to me so I could have access to her other full carton. I placed that nipple into my mouth and drained her as best as I could. I placed my forefinger into her come-drenched pussy, as my index finger massaged her clit. "Oh, baby. Suck my tits." Kim was building up to another orgasm. I lost count of how many in the past hour or so, but it didn't matter to me. I just loved pleasing my wife.
        I sucked on one tit while I played with the other with my free hand. I alternated, driving Kim over the edge. Milk was still squirting into my mouth and all over the bed. We both received milk baths and getting sticky had never been so much fun. Speaking of sticky, Kim's pussy began oozing her love juice again. She was about to give way to another orgasmic eruption, as I worked her over. "Oh fuck, Greg. Stick your fingers in me all the way. Rub my G-spot. Come on!"
        So I did what she wanted, as I adjusted myself in order to get my forefinger inside her, rubbing feverishly over her G-spot. I did this for maybe a minute or two before Kim had enough. "Oh YES! YES! Fuck…yes!" I stopped rubbing her spot. Now, I took two fingers and began pumping her vagina as hard as I could. My knuckles were punching her furry mound over and over again, as I kept up the fast pace. I bent down to lick her clit, which was as hard as I had ever felt it before.
        Kim then began to buck. She went into spasms on the bed, something not normally seen at home for obvious reasons. "FUCK! FUCK!!! OH!!!" My wife moaned and yelled and squealed like a wild animal, another difference in what a change of scenery can do for your sex life. The flood that poured out of her pussy was leaving a puddle on the bed. It was a sight to see!
        Kim didn't pass out this time, but she looked spent. "Okay, I think we need showers before we go out to eat dinner." Kim got up on wobbly legs and walked over to the shower to wash up. We spent the rest of the evening eating a great dinner, dancing, and coming back to our chalet, before passing out while watching television. Tomorrow was another day.
        We started off our morning by eating a huge breakfast and going for a casual walk around the grounds of the resort. It was beautiful summer morning in the country and we planned on taking full advantage of it. By the afternoon, we were in a rented rowboat, lazily floating on a still lake. It was a peaceful afternoon, as Kim and I sat in the boat, talking about how our lives had changed in the last eleven years. We mostly spoke of our happiness, which of course meant our family. Life was good. Kim and I were a happy couple in love.
        When we returned to the chalet we changed our clothes and then headed out to dinner. This was our last evening alone in the Poconos, since we had to return to our real lives as parents and working stiffs. We took a walk around again after dinner, but Kim cut this one short. "Can we go back now? It's our last night here and I want to have loud sex with my husband." She looked into my eyes with a lusty look that I had grown quite fond of over the years. The look that said anything is possible and anything goes.
        We returned to the chalet and peeled off our clothes in a hurry, like a couple of horny teenagers. Kim finished first and proceeded to drop to her knees, where she began greedily sucking on my manhood. "Yeah, baby. Now I see why you didn't eat dessert tonight at dinner." I thoroughly enjoyed watching my hot wife stuff her mouth with my man meat. She had become an expert cocksucker over the years. "You keep doing that and the fun will be over in a hurry."
        Kim abruptly stopped sucking on me and stood up to kiss me passionately. After kissing and groping each other, my wife took me by the hand. "Follow me," she said. Kim led us to the upstairs level of the chalet. More specifically, we went to the catwalk.
        "Hmmm, why here?" I wondered out loud.
        "Oh, you'll see. I've been thinking about this all weekend. Now lie down."
        I followed Kim's orders and waited to see what she would do. The catwalk was only about three feet wide, so her maneuvering needed to be exact. She hovered over my face, and then squatted over me like a baseball catcher. Only difference was that I was the one doing all the catching. Her pussy lips parted over my mouth, as I lapped up her wetness. Kim held onto the catwalk rails, so balance was not an issue. Actually, she used them for leverage, as she rocked back and forth, allowing me to lick the full length of her crack. My tongue just needed to be held out, and I was rewarded with her clit, down to her wet pussy hole, and then her tight ass rim.
        I felt my cock growing and throbbing, as Kim settled into some grinding. She used the rails again to help herself push down on my head, force-feeding me her soaking snatch. I licked, nibbled, and sucked for dear life, while my wife burst into her first orgasm of the night. "Eat it, baby. Eat it! Eat my pussy! YES!" Kim let loose a wave of juice, which I tried eagerly to swallow, but helped by gravity, it came too fast. It was a lot to sop up from this position, and much of it ran down my chin, or up my nose.
        When Kim had enough of this, she got up for a brief moment. It was just long enough to back up a little so she could lower her dripping pussy over my hardened cock. She did so slowly, taking the full length in, savoring it even. She sat that way for a minute, then she used her hands to squeeze the ripe melons located on her chest. She pinched and pulled on her elongated nipples, sending a steady of milk flowing, which obviously gave her sexual as well as physical relief. The milky stream decorated my chest and face, with some of it landing right into my waiting mouth.
        When Kim was done giving me a milk bath, she placed her hands on the top of the catwalk rails. She used them as leverage, just like before, but this time she bounced up and down on my cock. She picked up the pace slowly, pounding harder and harder. It got so intense so quickly, I felt like my loins were going to burst. Kim was impaling herself with my throbbing tool and she was building up to another powerful orgasm. "Oh yeah, baby. Fuck me harder. Harder!"
        "You're fucking me, baby. Do it, baby. Do it!"
        The thought of fucking her husband sent Kim over the edge. "Yes! I'm fucking you. Oh yes! YES!!!" My wife came hard, as she tried to keep up the pace. Her legs were giving out and her rapid breathing finally forced her to slow down. Kim fucked herself silly, and we both loved every minute of it. She collapsed on top of me, heaving. "You didn't come, baby."
        "I'm not done with you yet."
        "Oh, my legs are so tired now."'               
        "It's okay, I have a plan." I picked Kim up and lifted her to the edge of the rail, her ass balancing on it. Kim had a look of horror on her face, like she was going to fall over. "It's okay, trust me. I’ve got you."
        "I'm afraid, Greg."
        "It's okay. Put your hands on my shoulders." Kim did just that, as I placed my still hard cock inside her sopping wet pussy. "Is that better?" I asked.
        "Yes, but I'm still afraid."
        "Believe me, you're okay. Wrap your legs around my hips now." Kim had her hands on my shoulders and her legs wrapped around my hips. I began working up to a nice rhythm, pumping my wife full of hot meat. My hands were around her back, just to make sure she felt secure, and to give her my sex as hard as I could.
        We were making love this way for a few minutes, until I felt my balls ready to give way. "Oooh yeah. I think I'm almost done here. Think I'm gonna give it to you."
        "Mmm, yeah. Give it to me. Give it to your wife."
        Damn, she knows how that kind of talk gets to me. That's it, I was done. "Oh yeah. Here it comes!" I grabbed Kim as tight as ever and shot my load deep inside her. I spurted several times, emptying what seemed like a gallon inside my wife's beautiful body. After emptying every drop I could offer her, I helped Kim down off the rail. We were both wet and tired.
        Kim took a shower before getting ready to go to sleep. I opted for one more chance at the Jacuzzi. We both passed out with the TV on.

        The next morning we ate breakfast and then packed our things. It was time to go back home. I don't know when we'll have a chance to get away again. I hope it doesn't take another eleven years. Maybe Hannah could watch the children at her house sometime to give us a chance to be alone. Maybe we'll have to wait until the children grow up and start going out of the house to do their own thing.
        I don't know, but I have no problem with quiet sex with my wife. Actually, any kind of sex is great with Kim. As for now, I'll have to get used to pregnant sex. One of my huge orgasms resulted in getting Kim pregnant.
        Oooh…that means I get to suck on those milky tits a little while longer.

This story appears in Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky Couples in Love.  Another of my stories, Superbowl Sunday, also appears in that anthology.

Friday, July 12, 2013

New York Loves The All-Star Game

New York comes alive this week and next for the Major League All-Star Game. All your favorite baseball players, past and present, will come together for many different events, making New York City the center of the universe.

It wasn’t that long ago that Hurricane Sandy swept through the area, causing damage that is still being dealt with today. During that period, Riverdale Ave. Books published short stories written by several Erotica writers in one collection called We Love NY.

I recommend you go to their site and purchase this book, with proceeds going to the Red Cross. In the meantime, here is a teaser of the story that I have published in that anthology…


Red Velvet Cake
By Tony Wards

I love cooking, always have. It's in my blood, I guess. My mother was a great cook, but not a chef like me. I learned so much from her, but I've been fortunate enough to go to school and train to be a chef. About two years ago, I took out a small business loan from the bank to open my own restaurant. I had enough of cooking for someone else. I wanted to receive the glory, the fame, the money. It's not an easy task though.
I didn’t get much support from friends and family when I told them I'd be opening my place in Harlem. Being Italian, mostly everyone expected me to open a pizzeria or some upscale restaurant in an Italian neighborhood like Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. You should have seen the looks on their faces when I told them that I was going to run a soul food joint in Harlem. Classic!
I lost many friends, and some family too, but my dreams needed to be sought out. I was driven. I knew what I could do, and damn it, I was going to do it. I love Harlem. It has a great history of music, food, and yes, I have a thing for women of color. African-American and Hispanic women alike - I liked them all. Actually, I had sex with one Puerto Rican girl about twenty years ago but that was it as far as my experience goes. I had never even kissed a Black woman before. I guess my admiration came at a great distance.
I wasn't into the whole restaurant scene for the women, anyway. That was a side attraction. I was aspiring to be a great chef and owner of a spectacular restaurant. If the Food Network calls, I’m available for my own show!
It was a Friday night and the crowd was pretty good. My place only had fifteen tables so a good night for me is when ten or more are occupied. That was usually the case on weekends, but the weekday crowd was maybe half of that. I've been here for two years and it took a while for me to gain a good reputation. Good enough, in fact, that customers started to come from miles away. I always emphasized to my wait staff that they should engage in light conversation, just to get a feel from the diners as to what they like or dislike. Also, finding out how far they traveled to get to the restaurant was always another cool bit of information. It was definitely an ego boost for me—a great rush.
At eleven o'clock, about an hour before closing time, one of my waiters came into the kitchen to speak with me. The only time they do that is if something is wrong, so I was worried when I saw Phil come up to me.
"What's wrong?" I asked immediately.
"Nothing, actually. I think it's good news," responded Phil. "One of the diners would like to thank you personally."
"I think that is good news!" I chuckled.
I took off my apron and headed out of the kitchen, but was cut off at the swinging doors. The diner was a woman, and a beautiful one at that. She was drop-dead gorgeous. She looked to be about my age, which was thirty-five. She stood at five foot eight, which was just a couple of inches shorter than me. She had shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and a café-au-lait complexion. She reminded me of Vanessa Williams—that sexy and that delicious-looking.
"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful meal, Chef," she said in a sultry, sex-dripping voice.
"Please, ma'am. Call me Nick. Nicholas Colletti at your service." I offered to shake her hand, even though I felt as if I was all sweaty and clammy.
"And please, Nick. Call me Tanya." She still held my hand. I enjoyed feeling the warmth of her skin. She smelled delicious, too. I hoped I wasn't drooling.
"I'll remember that, Tanya," I replied, in the sexiest voice I could muster.
"Please do." Tanya let go of my hand, even though I didn't want her to just yet. She looked good, smelled good, and the bulge in my pants woke up when I wondered if she tasted good, too.
I imagined she was on her way out and figured I may never see her again, but wanted to lure her back in for business. "Next time you come to eat, be sure to remind me about your free dessert."
"You're offering me dessert, Nick?"
"Yes I am, Tanya. Anything you want."
"Wow. With an offer like that, I will definitely be in touch. I have the number of the restaurant, so I will be calling."
"Please do."
"Sooner than you think…" Tanya gave me a seductive little wink, turned around, and walked out into the late night air. I only hoped now that what she said was true, because I really liked her.
I went home that night thinking of Tanya. I was staying far away from silly clichés like Nubian Princess or Ebony Queen. I stayed true to myself, my upbringing, and to my view on women. She was one hot lady! I mean, she was easily the hottest-looking woman I've ever seen. It took me all of two minutes to pleasure myself, reminded of how she smelled, how her hand felt inside mine, and her face. Oh, that face. That face could make me melt. This time, however, it made me shoot off in record time.
I rolled over in my bed and immediately began to snore. I was tired, spent, and needed rest for another busy day of work. And if I was lucky, another chance at seeing Tanya. Mmm…Tanya…
I got to work the next day and was quickly approached by my weekend hostess, Molly. Molly was a culinary student I knew from years ago, who was actually better at oral pleasures than making pan sauces. She wouldn't know the difference between tossing the salad and tossing a salad, but she was drop-dead gorgeous, and polite enough to make anyone feel welcome in my establishment. Molly has been with me now from the beginning, and I was glad to have her, since she kept everyone on their toes.
"Hey, Nick. Check this out," Molly said, just a tad bit excited.
"Hello, sexy. What's up?" I replied. I think over the years we've become sort of a married couple. I rarely called her by her name.
"Check out the reservation log for tonight."
Molly held the book open for me as I looked over her shoulder. I could smell her hair. Mmm…she always smelled great. I can't remember how many times she and I have had sex, but you never get tired of a beautiful woman like her. It's almost sad, that two people so attracted to each other never found time to get together and stay together. I guess we'll always have feelings for each other, even now, as I found myself feeling her ass over her tight skirt.
"Uh, Nick. Are you paying attention? Read the reservation for midnight," Molly said, pretending to be annoyed.
"Tanya and Nick? Who called this in?"
"She did."
"You took the call?" I asked.
"Yes, silly. Now stop rubbing my ass. Looks like you'll need to save your strength for tonight," Molly said, as she walked away from me.
All throughout the day's service I cooked and prepared the meals with one eye on the clock. I was getting a headache from looking up so many times. Time moved slowly as I wondered what Tanya had planned. I mean, she made reservations in my own restaurant for the two of us. On top of that, she did it at closing time. I imagined she meant for us to be alone, but she has to realize that there are people who clean up afterwards, including me. I would love nothing more than to have a nice night with her, but at the end of a long day with so much cleaning to do, I usually just want to go home and crash.
This doesn't mean I wasn't excited or anxious. Quite the opposite, in fact. I anticipated her arrival all day. I just didn't want to come across as a party pooper, as someone not appreciative of her effort. Her coming back to my restaurant was a big deal to me—I wanted Tanya to know that.
I decided on flowers. That’s it—I’ll decorate the table with flowers, and candles, and anything else I can get my hands on. That might work. If nothing else, she’ll appreciate the effort. Sort of like me appreciating her coming up with the original idea.
Tanya appeared in my restaurant at the stroke of midnight. The last of the customers were gone, so we closed our doors and began the grueling task of cleaning up after ourselves. It was the part of the job I never enjoyed, but it was necessary. Line cooks say they hate prep work the most, but as chef and owner, I hated being responsible for all that cleaning that needed to be done at the end of a long night. The other hazard was being hungry at the end of the evening, but not wanting to eat anything you have in the restaurant. I mean, you see and smell the same food all day long, so who wants to eat it?
"Hello, Nick. Was this a bad idea?" Tanya asked hesitantly, watching me scramble as quickly as possible, rinsing out a huge pot.
"Not at all! Just trying to get some stuff done. Have a seat. I have a table over there for us. Give me five minutes. Please." I pointed to a table in the corner, away from the kitchen. It was my favorite table because there was the least amount of light, which made my idea of using candles that much more brilliant.
Ten minutes later, as instructed by my staff, I was cleaned up and ready to join Tanya at her table. The ambience wasn't the greatest, I admit, but under the circumstances I think it all looked okay. It could have been worse, anyway. It could have been opening time.
"About time. I was beginning to think I was getting stood up," Tanya said, with a wry sense of comedic delivery.
"Sorry. I got off late from work. I tried to get here as soon as I could. Boss is a real jerk." I flashed a schoolboy smile, hoping to win points for a decent comeback.
"You'll be forgiven only if you feed me with a delicious meal. I am starved. It's been a rough week, so I'm looking to be pampered."
"Sorry. Want to talk about it?" I asked because I was truly interested. I didn't know much about Tanya, so this was the perfect opening.
"Work has been hectic. People getting laid off, and all that jazz. Times are tough. No one has money out there. Makes my job difficult." Tanya let out a sigh.
"What do you do? What kind of work?"
"I'm a hooker." Tanya couldn't keep a straight face. She burst out laughing, almost releasing the always-embarrassing snot bubble. She fought back hard, and won.
"That was a good one," I admitted. She had some sense of humor. I loved it. "Seriously. What do you do?"
"Well, I am not a hooker, although I should get paid for my services," Tanya said slyly.
"Excuse me?"
"Oh, you'll see, Nick." That reply, which woke my cock up, was followed by a smile and a wink.
"I will?"
Tanya ignored that last question, and continued speaking. "I work for a non-profit that deals with education for underprivileged children. It's great work, hard work, but the money stinks. It's not like being a chef or an owner or anything like that."
"You think I'm rich?" I asked. "Please. I own a restaurant in Harlem, Tanya. This isn't the Village, or the theater district. My customers aren't rich. Rarely, mostly during the summer months, I'll get tourists come in and spend a fortune. Maybe, just maybe, some big shot will show some racist client how the other half lives."
"What do you mean? Big shot? Racist client?"
"You see, over time you begin to see a lot of phonies walk in here. White people trying to act like it's cool to be seen in a soul food restaurant, like it's hip or something. Maybe they think it's just quaint, I don't know. Also, you get the politicians from the area, mostly black; coming in here because they're hoping someone with a camera will snap a picture of them. Then, of course, you get the white and black politicians together. Now they usually travel with cameras. It's all so fake, really. I'd like to throw them all out, but then again, half of these idiots don't even realize that a white guy owns and runs this place." I took a deep breath, sipped my water, and waited for a reaction.
"So where does that leave you, Nick? I mean, are you just a working-class bum, or are you here to help the community, or both? Or neither?"
I thought about the question for a second, but knew I had to just be honest, the way I've always been. "I'm just a guy with a business. I love to cook, and here I am. Love me or hate me. The number of butts in the chairs will let me know if I should stay or not, nothing else will."
"I like that answer, Nick. You're a good guy. Now, can you do one more thing for me?"
"You name it, Tanya," I said.
"Feed me. Please, I'm hungry."
We laughed together, then I excused myself and brought back our dinners. I had two plates of food, not knowing which she would like more. Turned out she liked both, so we shared each other’s meals. One was pulled pork with hush puppies and collard greens. The other was barbeque beef brisket with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy.
"No one will kiss me after eating these mashed potatoes. They are great, but wow, they are packed with garlic," declared Tanya.
"Don't forget now, I'm Italian. I love to kiss women, especially one that looks beautiful and tastes even better."
"Oh really? Wow. Aren't you romantic, Nick?"
I couldn't help myself. The moment took on a life of its own. I impulsively got up from my chair, walked over to Tanya, and gave her a soft, gentle kiss on her full, succulent lips. I didn't know if the move was too forward of me. Perhaps she would slap me, or run out, or yell, or…
"Can I have another one of those, Nick?" Tanya put her hand around the back of my neck and held me in place as she kissed me, this time sliding her tongue into my mouth. I couldn't believe we were making out in my restaurant, especially with some of my staff still hanging around. "Is it time for dessert yet?"
"I can go get it."
"That's not what I meant, Nick," replied Tanya, with sexy, dark, bedroom eyes.
"I see. I did make something special for you, though."
"Wrap it up and let's take it with us. I live just a few blocks away from here."
"I'm ready to go," I said, and we left the restaurant in a hurry.

This story appears in its entirety in We Love New York, available from Riverdale Avenue Books. Show some love for New York.